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Cracking the Content Crisis Code

“He was putting a human and modern face to a stodgy, traditional business.” Mark Schaefer, the author of The Content Code, tells the story of Stephen Cronk’s journey to start and promote his winery in a competitive and established field. I have found his strategy of using videos to promote his lifestyle instead of his product to be rather brilliant. Schaefer opens The Content Code by explaining that content marketing is over saturated and basic content is no longer enough to be successful. However, he closes the first chapter with two examples of people sharing content that people can easily relate to and that are inventive and successful.

In my experience I have realized that I am drawn to products and services that are promoted in a personable and relatable way. Everyone wants to feel as though they are understood and apart of something. Cronk’s video strategy allowed the viewers to understand that he was an average person who wanted to share a product with them instead of sell them a product. To me, Schaeder’s quote implies that the ‘stuffy’ business marketing tactics suggests the idea that businesses make people feel as though they need these products to survive instead of making them feel like the product will enhance their life and make it more enjoyable.

Moving forward with the PR campaign, I think this concept is important. We’re trying to promote a service that will help protect people and one that is almost necessary to feeling safe in event of an emergency. However, instead of promoting it as though it is vital to ones well being, I think the service needs to be presented in a way that makes people feel as though it is yet another tool to make their life easier. While content is important, the way you promote the content and use different platforms is even more critical.


One comment on “Cracking the Content Crisis Code

  1. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer)
    September 12, 2015

    Love this post. So happy to see people “get” the idea of human content. Good job!


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