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Cutting through the clutter

In today’s content cluttered digital world, the marketer with the biggest wallet seems to be coming out on top.  This especially resonates with small businesses trying to connect with their customers through social media networks such as Facebook.  According to The Content Code, “there are seemingly only two choices: 1) Spend even more money on producing high-quality content, hoping it might squeak through to a customer’s news feed, or 2) Pay Facebook to promote or boost the post.”  Over this summer, while I was interning at Nixx Media as a social media manager, I saw this first hand, making reading this chapter all the more interesting to me.  I was working diligently on creating the best quality posts for our local clients with relevant and stimulating content, and yet we weren’t getting the engagement we wanted unless we paid up.

Because there was so much content constantly flowing through social networks, much of our posts got lost in the clutter.  After completing that internship, I realized that there is more to cracking the content code than just producing great content and this chapter explains the missing piece to the puzzle.  If you want to actually reach your target audience and add value to your brand, you must “create content that connects, engages and moves through the network through social sharing”.  When a person sees their friend talking about a new and exciting brand, chances are they are going to hop on the band wagon and give it a try too.

Your target audience may not trust your brand because its just starting out.  However, they do trust their friends who they have known for years.  According to the research firm eMarketer, “83 percent of brand marketers view social sharing as the primary benefit of social media because 70 percent of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase based on a friend’s social media updates.”  In light of these statistics, I believe that social sharing is one of the most valuable tools in a P.R. practitioner’s arsenal.

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