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Cracking the marketing code

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While reading “The Ignition Switch,” I far too often found myself nodding my head in agreement with almost every aspect of the chapter. It is not easy to make a name for yourself, or even get your ideas out there in the Public Relations and Marketing niche. With the internet growing to the extent that it has, while also becoming as advanced as it has, it does not make it easy to make one’s way to the top. With the mass amount of content, how is anyone supposed to make sure that theres weaves its way through the cracks and gets seen? Living in such competitive conditions to wrap it up as best as I can, what stood out to me the most was to be creative, said Stephen Cronk. His story is something that really stood out to me and what I found the most interesting during the chapter one reading. He moved his whole family and started a new career, opening a winery called Mirabeau. He said it was a challenge but that his choice of marketing was through video. He started documenting his journey in an interesting, ridiculous, and creative way which eventually gained him new followers and customers. He knew his target audience and began targeting those wine lovers who also loved following his little crazy adventures with his family which he documented. The audience grew larger and larger and eventually led to large wine retailers and after making a funny, short video he was getting millions of views. This stood out to be the most because it taught me the important of how a little of something can go a long way and to compete with the large amount of people, make yours stand out. My favorite quote said by  an industry blogger who loves Stephens storytelling, “he has never sought to use the clips to directly promote his wines or his brand. They are all intended to be interesting in their own terms and often contain no direct reference to the brand at all. People who watch them are merely invited to visit the website if they want to know more.” I swore after reading this that one statement had never been so true! There is no reason to be mainstream and go about things the same way that others are just to advertise something. He drew people in with his wit and got them attracted to his personality and wit before even introducing them to his website. In so many ways I could relate to this in real life, for so long i’ve wanted to and contemplated starting an online clothing website, if not soon then sometime in the future. I’ve always feared how many competition there is in the world of online fashion and how many other online stores there are which may have better ideas than I do. After reading the first chapter I learned that content and competition is real but what stood out to me is how to make yourself stand out from others, and that is how you will succeed. To be successful you have to crack the marketing code, which is not impossible.


One comment on “Cracking the marketing code

  1. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer)
    September 12, 2015

    So glad you are enjoying the book. Stephen is an awesome guy. You might enjoy following Mirabeau on Instagram.


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