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Producing Relatable Human-like Content

There is such an abundance of information being thrown around on social media outlets nowadays. It seems as if it has become part of our culture to constantly create, share and consume information at extremely high volumes every day. The author of The Content Code, Mark Schaefer, explains that today adults in the Western World consume about 10 hours per day of content. I have never thought about this, but seeing as though I am engaging with so many different outlets of technology all day, it is very believable. A great quote that stuck out to me in the chapter was, “The real power only comes to those who can create content that connects, engages, and moves through the network through social sharing” (Schaeffer 17). This made me think back to my internship where I managed social media accounts for clients. I truly had the hardest time creating meaningful, entertaining, and relevant content. I always had to ask myself; does anyone really care about what I am about to post? If not, how do I make them care?

I enjoyed reading about the case study with Stephen and his winery Mirabeau. It was an important takeaway to see how he invented his blog and transformed it to be so engaging. The first decision was that the primary source used would be video. Although he was promoting a business, he made the content of his videos very human-like and relatable. It was not focused on pushing sales efforts down the viewer’s throats. He threw in his everyday life and experiences in the blog as well.

 ShutterStock Image

Choosing What’s Relevant: ShutterStock Image

The video of Stephen opening a wine bottle with his shoe was only 29 seconds, but it went viral and attracted millions of views. I went on YouTube and watched this video, and it immediately made me want to try it! This had nothing to do with the company or the brand, but it got a lot of attention, which is important. Schaefer explains that the video was “optimistic, entertaining, and practical, and as the wine blogger noted, it was characteristically ‘human’” (24). This human-like approach stood out to me because I think it is very important to consider when creating content, that essentially another human is viewing. It is a good strategy to use to help cut out the clutter of noise presented daily with the overwhelming presence of content.


One comment on “Producing Relatable Human-like Content

  1. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer)
    September 12, 2015

    Excellent post. Liked your use of visuals too. Keep up the good work!


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