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Break Through the Content

After sitting down with Jennifer from Hillsborough County, I gained a better understanding of the campaign we will be creating. She was able to give us insight into the task at hand, the type of environment we were targeting, and the goals we were looking to accomplish. That being said, Chapter 2 of The Content Code provided me with technique that will be crucial if we want this campaign to work. Schaefer has already provided us with the knowledge that there is too much content floating around and he is now sharing with us the tricks we need to know in order to break through this content and how to be successful in an already saturated market.

Jennifer had mentioned that a lot of Hillsborough county residents are registered for alerts from the State of Florida, the City of Tampa, and many other alert systems that are already in place. Knowing that, it is overwhelming to think that we now have to convince these people to register for yet another alert system. Mark Schaeffer, the author of The Content Code, states, “One way to carve a place for yourself is to create content in a category your competitor might be missing.” He’s saying that in order to stand out against your competitors, you must discover and capitalize on areas that they have overlooked. However, in the chapter, Schaeffer explains that just finding the undiscovered area is not enough; you must also saturate it so no one else can overpower this area. While we’re already entering a field that is fairly saturated, it is now our job to highlight all the reasons to use the Hillsborough Alert System instead of another. We may not be able to enter a completely new market but we can explore the undiscovered territories of alert systems.


One comment on “Break Through the Content

  1. Mark Schaefer (@markwschaefer)
    September 12, 2015

    Great insight. Good luck with your project!


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