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Find your niche

“Find an unsaturated niche, consistently produce a volume of quality, and never stop producing content. (pg29)” Schaefer’s strategy reminded me of a campaign I worked on in my most recent internship. With such competiton in the Cosmetics industry, we were challenged to work on an unique campaign that took MAC Cosmetics beyond just makeup and skincare into a niche that our audience could relate to. The result was MAC Haute Dog, a campaign that celebrated the upcoming launch of the Haute Dogs Collection by sharing a “doggelganger” selfie of you and your dog to be featured on the MAC social pages.

Like Marcus Sheridan did with his pool blog, we took the idea of using dogs, a concept that many other cosmetics lines would have zero interest in producing and turned it into a way to interact with our key public.

When you google “Hillsbrough County weather alrets” there are 246,000 results. According to the Saturation Guidelines, competing through this content alone will be difficult. For our campaign we need apply Content Code stragegies that will help us rise above this level of saturation. I believe the best way for our campaign to achieve this is to apply Schaefer’s idea of exploring different types of content. We need to utilizes the three H’s- getting people to our site and keeping them there. I think the best tatic for this is to show people – this is what can happen, this is how our alert works, visit the website to stay informed. Another way to rise above the saturation is to focus on social transmission. In today’s day and age I agree with Schaefer, that if content isn’t effective if it doesn’t move. For this particular campaign I believe the social media content needs to be rebranded. The only way to get people to engage in this campaign is to lead the to it. People don’t want to be bombared with dull content but one good idea could spark a frenzies that could affect they way the public looks at the alert center.

-Emma Gould


One comment on “Find your niche

  1. christinaperrino
    September 16, 2015

    I agree with Emma on the fact that in this day in age when working with a certain niche, you have to focus on social transmission. Focusing on rebranding the Hillsborough County’s weather alert can get them moving in the direction that they need to be. Utilizing the three H’s will lead to successful campaigns, just as it has in the past.The content needs to be bold, something that will catch the key target’s attention and keep it.


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