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Tapping into the Saturated Market

The majority of the time, when you publish a blog post, chances are someone has already written a post on the same subject.  There are millions of other bloggers out there and the race to produce the highest quality is a competitive one.  In my past two internships, when I created blog posts, I wasn’t really that worried about whether it was going to break through the content glut and reach my target audience.  I was just happy to be writing a blog that I could use for my portfolio and to add the phrase “wrote weekly blog posts” to my resume.  I never really understood how bloggers got noticed with such steep competition.

After reading chapter 2, “Structure, Strategy, and the Content Code”, I found it interesting that the solution isn’t trying to write better content on particular subject but uncovering a new subject all together.  “Without the content code, the only sustainable content strategy has been to find a niche and overwhelm the web with so much quality content that search engines discover only you” (pg 29). For instance, in the example of blogging for a pool company, the relatively small change of creating content for saltwater swimming pools, rather than just normal swimming pools could make all the difference.  One is so saturated that it has around 8 million results while the other only has around 8,000.  There is a huge gap between those two numbers!  Just by creating content for the niche of “saltwater” swimming pools rather than normal ones, you can beat the competition and access an untapped market.  I think that this strategy will definitely come into play with our campaign for the Hillsborough County Government.  Instead of focusing on the broad topic of emergency alerts, we need to find the niche market such as the types of alerts, how they work, and what are the results.


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