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The ‘Me’ Factor

We live in a world full of people who are focused on themselves.  This idea has crossed my mind while thinking about how to focus our campaign and it was reinforced while reading chapter three of The Content Code.  Mark Schaefer introduces Dr. Jonah Berger’s three key strategies to promoting your products and ideas, while making the people feel that it is all about them.

  1. Identify you inner remarkability: “Sharing extraordinary, novel, or entertaining stories makes people seem more extraordinary, novel and entertaining.”  People want to know new, interesting, and cool facts for the purpose of impressing other people and making themselves look good.  If we keep this idea in mind during our campaign process, then we are responsible for creating content that amazes people.  If we produce content as such, people will share it in order to make themselves look better while also promoting our cause; they are sharing it for their own purposes but they’re still benefiting us.
  2. Help people achieve something with your content:  Who doesn’t want to feel like they have accomplished something?  This strategy is implemented with the idea that by gaining status, the product or service will make you feel good and cause you to share it with others.  By creating ‘game like’ content you can create this sense of achievement that will get people talking and propel your organization forward.
  3. Make it exclusive: “If people get something rare, it makes them feel special, unique, and high status.”  It’s human nature to want to be apart of something.  Creating content that gives off the effect that the people are now apart of something exclusive causes a deeper relationship with the brand, which will lead to shareability and the desire to tell people about the relationship.

I think these three key strategies are extremely smart tactics when trying to create shareable content.  By making people feel that they are superior and obtain information other people do not have, you are also able to promote your own campaign.


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This entry was posted on September 19, 2015 by in Chapter 3.

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