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“Don’t be scared to share”

Lets face it, when we post anything on social media whether it be for comic relief, or to make an important political statement we want attention for it. But what kind of attention are we seeking? Is it for the likes, the comments, or the shares? I found it really interesting that in this chapter they highlight the importance of sharing. “I want to be clear that sharing is different than a Like, a comment, or a Plus 1. Content transmission is what you’re after. Spreading the word. Building the buzz.” (Pg #44) I never thought about the differences between a like and share until now. A share is more rewarding and means someone else read your content and supports it enough to share within their own social media.

What doesn’t surprise me that this chapter talks about is that share ability is not that common across almost all social media platforms. Facebook says that just about one-half of one percent of those who see a Facebook post share it. (Pg #47) I definitely agree with this because I personally do not share that often. I usually think its a scam or will cause pop-ups on my computer. I think companies are trying to increase the amount of shares for sure but I just think people are more comfortable to like or comment. I think theres a lot of judgement on people content in general so sharing someone else’s opinions would be judged if anything more harshly.

For example if Toys R Us introduces a new product that every mother in America wants for their child, its worth there time to read about. In this case I believe sharing this article would be beneficial to other mothers who want this new product. A like or a comment won’t get them very far in my opinion. On the other end if Toys R Us sends out an article celebrating their 50th anniversary thats something I feel should just be liked. I don’t think thats as interesting as a new toy. Its all about the content on how relevant and interesting it will be to consumers.



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This entry was posted on September 21, 2015 by in Chapter 3.

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