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Sharing is Caring

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Living in a time surrounded by all media channels has made many people feel connected and close to others all around the world. Chapter 3 of The Content Code shined some light on how to get a deeper connection with others. There is an important difference between a simple “like”, comment or share on Facebook or a blog.

Many times “liking” a specific post may mean you agree with it or simply just took the time to scan over the content, but don’t care enough to share the post with your friends and family. Creating content that others want to share is what makes a better connection and understanding with the content users. According to a New York Times study, 73% percent of those studied say they process information “more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully” while another 85% said “reading content that others share helps them understand and process information and events.” (pg.50)

It is important to realize that content transmission is what we should be after, spreading the word and creating a virtual relationship with users is what leads to more shares and views. (pg 44) How exactly can that be accomplished? Getting inside the minds of users can help us feel a more personal connection with them; making them feel as though they know the person behind the screen.

In relation to our campaign for the Hillsborough County Government it’s important to create content that will be shared and viewed in a way that will help the users achieve something. If they feel they can relate to our content, they will share it to friends and family and pass on the close bond and safety behind the campaign. It’s important to build a relationship with them in the way that we care and want them to use our alert system for their own sake. Branching off a virtual connection will lead to success, as said on page 50 “creating ideal conditions for content sharing, you build power for your brand and create non economic value by helping your consumers understand you.”


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