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Please Pass the Information

“We’re approaching an era when the information we need most will be coming to us –we won’t have to search for it” (Schaefer 65). Is this true? I believe it is. I find that most of the things I am interested in I find them so easily by reading what my friends share on social media, or information on the news is often readily available when I sign in. Shareability is an interesting concept because along with the building of content and building of an audience, you have to employ strategies to overcome user passivity and find something they love in order to get a simple share. So you mean to tell me there is a very slim chance of my content being shared too? I was a bit shocked to know that people don’t usually want to share other’s posts.

Content that is shareable is usually to be useful, to define ourselves to others, to grow a relationship, self-fulfillment, and to get the word out about causes and brands according to this book. I find this all to be true. The last example reminds me of the crazy overflow of posts about racism and police brutality during the Ferguson riots. I was overwhelmed with the amount of content posted and shared, whereas now the subject is dying down and not as relevant.

I find myself posting about things that affect me as well. I was having a conversation with my best friend who lives all the way in California, and he told me he can always tell when I was having boyfriend troubles or going through a break-up because I would constantly stream “lovey dovey” quotes on my social media. I thought this was hilarious that he could actually know what was happening in my life because of what I chose to share on social media. I strongly agree that we share content as an outward reflection of our emotions, beliefs and ourselves. This related to Schaefer when he says, “I think this author is smart, and I am smart—therefore I will share it. This book is cool, and I am cool, so I will share it”(53).

I also thought the marketing strategy Schaefer presented close to the end of the chapter was very interesting. He suggests that marketing strategy needs to begin by finishing the sentence “only we…” (58). This is pertaining to creating remarkable content to increase the chances of your content being shared. I loved the example presented on page 57 with the BlendTec blender. I watched the YouTube video and it’s definitely a video I would share. It’s very entertaining and unique, although the blender itself is not very remarkable. I even showed it to my roommates!

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Google Image:


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