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“Shareability requires connection of some kind; your content must fill a need or perhaps even reflect on a trusted relationship” (pg51). I am usually one to like or favorite content posts. However on the rare occasion I do share a post I have to agree with the NY Times it’s often because I connect with it emotional, I think it will make me look cooler, or it will make an connection in my relationship with one of my followers.

Lee Oden says insight is the most important characteristic missing from content. I can agree with this idea relating it to the Hillsborough County Florida Instagram page. I believe this page only focuses on what the content says about Hillsborough County and does not become part of its “audiences personal narrative” (pg53). With scenic posts that seem to reiterate how beautiful a place it is, there is no further emotional connection to the Hillsborough County audience. Looking at the page and being a New Yorker, there is more a sense of tourism rather than community.

I would agree that this industry has less of an organic reach but I disagree that means our product is naturally unconversational. For our campaign, identifying our inner remarketabiliy and helping people achieve something are the best ways to make our content spark. The objective is to make the alert system look cool, surprising, and interesting. Utilizing the “only we” concept will be able to pin point the strengths of our system over competitors and use that in our content.

“Achieving status helps generate social currency and social sharing”(pg59). The best way for us to help others to achieve something is to us to do it first. For this campaign I would like to see Hillsborough County Florida integrated on the news and radio outlets. Reaching out to local radio stations and weathermen and women to talk about the alert system or even post online about it with boost our credibility. The bigger our credibility the more followers and the more we can inform the people of Hillsborough County.

-Emma Gould


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