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2 Times I loved Schaefer’s Shareability Strategies

“When your customers share positive opinions and experiences on social media, they increase your credibility among potential customers in a way you, as a business, can never accomplish alone.” (Pg. 69) As mentioned in the last chapter, shareability is essential in having an effective media presence. As hard as you try, people will not trust your business as much as they trust their family and friend’s opinions. So to solve that harsh reality, you must get those people on your side by putting out material good enough for them to share. Chapter 4 of Mark Schaeffer’s Content Code has no shortage of helpful tips to achieve this goal.

As I read Schaeffer’s 22 tips, each one seemed like such simple and obvious information. I shook my head in agreement to each piece of advice, yet not all of them had previously crossed my mind. My personal two favorites were the importance of a good headline and adding your personality. As a web browser myself, I found that these are the three things that draw me in every time. For example, every morning I get an email sent to my phone with a summary of the most important news from the days. It’s the perfect way to get the information I need to know quickly; after all, “we live in a world of scanners.” (Pg. 76). I’m sure there are a number of sources with summarized news, but the reason I chose this source is because it is sarcastic and funny, which is rare when relaying news information. The two 28-year-old women who founded theSkimm said, “It’s meant to sound like your very smart, no-BS best friend telling you everything you need to know to start your day.” (Lieber) So, because of their convenience, clever headlines, and hysterical perspective, myself and 1.5 million other people wake up and read theSkimm each and every morning. See for yourself:

Overall, I think the importance of these two tips cannot be overlooked. Few people are going to read your blogs and articles if you don’t have a good headline to draw them in. Once you’ve created a headline that will get people to read your material you need something that will keep them their and hopefully leave them wanting more and wanting to share your content. In my personal opinion, the best way to achieve that is to add your personality. Your personality is what sets you apart from everyone else so why not add that into your content and make it original.


Lieber, Chavie. “How The Skimm Became Oprah’s Must-Read Newsletter.” Racked. N.p., 13 Nov. 2014. Web. 24 Sept. 2015. <;.


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