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Breaking Down the Content Wall

breaking wall

When it comes to creating content that will keep the audience interested and wanting more, the fact of the matter is that it isn’t easy. In Chapter, 4. 22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition Mark Schaefer helps break down steps to help tackle the many obstacles of competing in the world of content.

According to eConsultancy (pg 69), “social recommendations from friends and family are the most trusted source of information for consumers.” While it is hard to compete with friends and family, there has to be a sense of friendship with the audience that makes them feel as though they can trust you and share your content, I couldn’t agree more. In order to pass an article or blog on to my friends I for one won’t share it unless I feel as if I know the pe
rson who wrote it and if I know the facts are true. We live in such an amazing time where we are able to share, connect and form relationships with people half way across the world and fortunately, creating those bonds can be simple. Forming a relationship in which you can share your views and voice all through a computer is a huge advantage in this market and as said on page 72, “business relationships are built on trust.”

To build a relationship and form trust with the audience the author emphasizes on the fact that you have to “unlock your content.” It is important to tear down the content walls…share the wealth, lets help each other out! I love how the author shares his personal story, he said himself that everything he knows about blogging is out in the open for everyone to read on his website, for free! This is an important concept. Once the audience fee
ls that they can trust and relate to the person behind the screen, they will share the content. The author admits that he receives phone calls from people offering to pay him to help them blog, give speeches, etc. Tearing down those walls will result in an increase of followers.

Throughout the chapter there were many good tips, no wonder this man is so successful! Keep content interesting, create a picture in the viewers mind, be concise, and be honest. Readers want to relate to the person behind the screen, they want to know they can trust them.



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