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C’mon everyone watch this video of two puppies at meal time! It’ll make you LOL! This is something I commonly see on my Facebook feed as I’m scrolling through day in and day out. I would say I see shared videos of comical videos more than anything else. I like that this chapter touches on happiness and posts that are used for entertainment. Pew Research reports state that 35% of men and 43% of women are on Facebook to view funny or entertaining posts. (Pg 73) I think this is very relevant for the field of Advertising and Public Relations because a lot of advertisements, TV commercials, and radio ads use emotional appeal to convey there message. Emotions of negative and positive feelings are constantly used in the media to get a reaction out of the consumers. Whether people agree or disagree with using emotional appeal it is proven that it works.

I also liked how the chapter talked about businesses evolving and growing through social media connections. “For the first time in history, you can create relationships and build trust with people far and wide…through your voice, your views, and your expertise.” (Pg 72) It’s interesting that there are businesses that don’t spend a penny on any advertising, because social media does it all for them. I don’t think this is necessarily true for all businesses but for some this could be huge. Something like a popular food item for example. If enough people are taking pictures of it and talking about it on Instagram then thats already so much exposure for the company. This chapter also talked about infographics and how they increase share ability. The BuzzSumo research concluded that including a list or infographic will double your chances of people sharing your content. (Pg 78) I definitely agree with this people when I personally see a huge story I am not inclined to read about it but when I see statistical information or a bulleted list I am instantly drawn to it. Getting peoples attention in a quick 2 second glance is something I believe is very difficult.



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