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“When your customers share positive opinions and experiences on social media, they increase your credibility among potential customers in a way you, as a business, can never accomplish alone” (pg69). This is one tactic I would love to incorporate in to the strategies of our campaign. One of the key publics is the people who work for Hillsborough, the best way for us to increase subscriptions to the alert system is to get HC workers to tweet, instagram, and Facebook there experience with the product. There positive opinions will encourage their family and friends to join and spread awareness of the product.

When looking at Schaefer’s 22 ways to achieve content ignition many of them can be applied to the content of Hillsborough County Florida. However the best advice he gives is to Give, Advice, Warn, Inspire, and Unite. We need to focus on a better way to connect emotionally with the residents of Hillsborough County in a way that will still keep the clients image positive. Offering tips and advice is a good way to first introduce the alert system to social media, however in the course of the rest of the campaign it’s important to unite follower’s and present a sense of community on our all communication mediums.

For our campaign, I believe it is not only important to ignite content but to follow where our content is going and what feedback we can get from residents. This probably will be best done thru analytics. I believe getting small focus groups together to discuss the overall feel for our social media platform will also be beneficial. From that we will be able to learn what types of content residents would be more likely to repost or share, what hashtags to use, and also what content would mostly likely spark a conversation.

  • Emma Gould

One comment on “Spark-Create-Inspire

  1. Madeline Johnson
    September 28, 2015

    You are off to a great social media strategy. It all begins with listening to your audience. Thanks for sharing.


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