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Insert Awesome Headline Here

Stop writing sucky headlines, remembering that the most important part of your content is not your content. This is what Schaefer tells us in Chapter four of the Content Code. Headlines are a critical part of igniting any content. I cannot tell you how many times I have flipped by articles solely because of a mundane and uninteresting title. I have always struggled myself with making catchy headlines, so I really don’t blame anyone for having a hard time creating great headlines.

In my previous internship with a local advertising and branding agency, I was responsible for creating the content for the welcome screen every morning. Everyday there had to be a new title to entice our team of creative communications specialists coming into work, along with our honored clients coming in to meet, and even passerby’s who occasionally stopped and looked at the welcome screen. This seemingly simple task was very stressful! I wanted to create a headline to match what was going on in the agency and to spark the interests of many people—from the founding partner to the random stranger looking around to find the bathroom in the hallway of the building.

This made me more appreciative of the tips given to improve on headlines such as: making sure the headline offers something helpful, not letting the headline become an afterthought, referencing numbers and using the Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute (wish I knew about that then).

I can also relate easily to the section in this chapter about the best posting time. Without even noticing, I do this so much in my personal social media use. I am constantly asking my friends (especially Juliana) to know which time I should post on Instagram. My posts on Instagram are usually pictures of myself and I wait on certain times to post to get the most views leading to the most likes.

We literally have long conversations of what time people get off of work, when people go to bed, when people check their phones before going out, in order to know when to post to get the most likes, and if it’s not that time I will not post it. It was fascinating to see what times are good for posting in a business setting. I didn’t know there was data supporting posting times on social media, but I guess I have been doing my own personal research all along.

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One comment on “Insert Awesome Headline Here

  1. michellepaltan
    February 11, 2016

    It makes so much sense as to why the title of your content needs to be intriguing or you have lost that share. To me, it’s just like your resume. Employers are going to read your objective and look at the overall look of the resume the way its structured and if its engaging or not. If it doesn’t excite them, your resume will go right to the trash. Content is very similar that way.


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