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The Community Campaign

“Its not how many friends you have, but the quality of their friendship that counts.” Chapter 5 of The Content Code reminded me of this key life concept, just in a slightly different way. My favorite thing about this chapter is when Mark Schaefer, the author, lists the different suggestions from other successful professionals in the field. It made me realize that every company has something that is most beneficial to them. However, it also made me realize that each of these suggestions can be applied to any business trying to gain an alpha audience. Specifically, I considered how each piece of advice could benefit the Hillsborough County Alert System.

In terms of our campaign, I think the three most helpful tips were speak to one person, build the smallest possible audience and connect the community. In my opinion these three tips interconnect. By speaking to one person you can deeply consider what they might want and expect out of the alert system. This system can make a big impact in people’s life so its important to apply those affects to one specific person. By thinking of one person, you are subconsciously thinking about a group of very similar people. If you can advertise the perks you thought about for the specific person, you can potentially be reaching several people. If you place all your focus on building trust and honesty with these people, you have your alpha audience. From there those people can help you create deeper connections with those weaker links, which can also create that sense of a connected community.

These tips come down to one major point that Chris Brogan, the CEO of Owner Media Group, suggested, which is “Aim for allies, not fans.” Instead of looking at our “target audience” as targets and start considering them allies and individuals, we will be able to reach them better and more realistically.


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