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A loyal audience, is a good audience

muscleAlthough creating content and gaining followers may seem like the hard part, Chapter 6: Building an Alpha Audience explains just how difficult (yet not impossible) it is to build a strong relationship with those followers.

As Mark Schaefer says, it’s important to take that fan base and make it into a strong personal relationship. Through a case study, Mark proved just how important having an “alpha audience” is. When he was at about 70,000 followers he asked his social media audience to donate to their favorite charity. He ended up raising $6,000 within the week but after looking at the numbers, only 92 people made a donation out of the 750 people who shared the blog post. Out of those people, he worked hard to create a strong, personal relationship with them by personally meeting them, etc. This made me realize how important it is in cases like this, influence doesn’t depend on the audience size alone.

Before reading the section “building the alpha audience through involvement” I thought to myself how good Go Pro was at getting their audience involved, before even seeing that he mentioned it. I think a great way (and one of the only ways) to make an audience a loyal audience is to make your product/content/ whatever it may be, interactive. Being an avid Go Pro user, this hit home to me. One of the main reasons I purchased one was because of their marketing theme, I wanted to get involved myself. I thought it was such a creative and cool way to get onto the Internet that I wanted to upload my own video and make it onto their You Tube channel. People from all over the world, especially my generation, are obsessed with the Go Pro and the many cool videos that come with it.

Based off Marks case study and how successful companies such as Go Pro and Urban Outfitters are due to creating that alpha audience, it truly is one of the most important factors. Don’t only build an audience, build a strong one. It truly is important to build an audience that is so loyal that they want to be involved in the action itself.


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