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Follow Me Back!

Ever feel like getting people to pay attention and listen to you is tougher than anything? Well being in college and trying to “make a difference” is a struggle when it comes to asking people for money, let alone your close friends. This chapter was extremely relatable and accurate when it comes to your content that you post in order to start a movement. I also liked how it talked about finding your alpha audience, and finding the right way to connect with them. “Using content as a connection point in the digital world provides an unparalleled, historic opportunity to re-connect with customers and find your Alpha Audience” (Pg #102) I think this directly relates to mass advertising and reaching as many people as you can. The book used radio advertisements as an example and how the original radio advertisements are re surfacing today because this is something that customers enjoy.

I also like how the chapter talked about guidelines to find that alpha audience of yours. They really said to not focus on the number of followers but the quality of the followers. I completely agree with this but I think it will be difficult to persuade the younger generation, also known as millennials to make this change. My friends and I included are definitely more focused on how many followers we can get on social media, because then that would hopefully reflect in the number of likes we get. I also learned that there is such a thing called an alpha audience through involvement, which is something GoPro has done and been successful in. They use this so that they can involve the people who love and trust the brand. I think that is a great marketing tool to use the loyal customers or even the fans because they can probably influence others to hope on that bandwagon. I think using this type of strategy is something that I can apply in the campaign and will help myself and my team members with the client base and following.

disbalance (high resolution 3D image)

disbalance (high resolution 3D image)


One comment on “Follow Me Back!

  1. ishamclennan
    October 13, 2015


    I completely agree with you in that the Alpha Audience method may prove difficult in our generation of millennials. It seems like we are in some race to gain as many followers as we can to show off a number or get more likes, that we could care less if we build actual relationships. I think that most of my followers, especially on Instagram, I have never actually met or even seen in real life. Have you ever tried to promote something and found it was difficult to get our generation involved and especially willing to give money to a cause? I know I often come up with the “broke college student” excuse. If it was my friend that needed help though, I am often more willing to support them and their cause.

    I liked how you talked about a trust in the brand regarding GoPro. I agree that the central unit to marketing, advertising and PR is trust. If we are skeptical of a brand we tend to steer away from it in the future.

    I think learning how to begin building an Alpha Audience would change our engagement, the way we look at things and interact over social media. Great post, I talked about a lot of similar aspects in mine as well, so I’m glad we are on the same page!


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