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The only audience who matters: the Alphas

After reading this week’s Chapter, Building an Alpha Audience, I realized that every one of us has the power to build an audience from scratch, but its easier said than done.  Once you’ve built that audience, you need to devote time to nurturing a relationship with that group.  Without that connection, the audience will never become the Alphas that you want them to be.  They will only read you content and scroll past it without giving any thought to sharing it with others and igniting your post.  An example of this is when Mark had some social media celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers spread the word to raise awareness and money for a charity.  Only one person donated out of 3 million possible impressions.

The lesson from this is that influence doesn’t come from size alone.  You can have hundreds of thousands of followers but if you don’t take the time to establish relationships with them, they will never become your Alpha audience.  On the other hand, Mark wrote a blog post about his personal experience working with an at-risk child and asked for donations.  He got 92 people to donate a total of $6,000.  He achieved this because he converted his “weak” audience connections into “strong” personal relationships by meeting with the majority of them in person.

I believe that building an alpha audience is an excellent strategy for our campaign with the Hillsborough County Government.  By developing relationships with the county’s social media followers, we can turn those followers into strong links to content transmission.  If more people are sharing information about registering for the Alert Wave 2 and the unveiling of the PSOC, we can create real action.  Those alpha audience members are more likely to sign up for the alert system and tell others about it as well.



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