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Better Brand Building

When reading the dysfunctional social media audience, I discovered that the Hillsborough County Government should convert its “weak audience into “stronger” personal relationships. HCC has a strong following on twitter but their average tweets receive only two to three favorites or retweets, mainly coming from someone who knows or works personally with the HCC. Since the objective is to create an alpha audience that will move content through the Internet, it would be a smart tactic to target HCC government workers. Targeting them and their families is a good idea because they are residents and their “shares” will reach others residents. Like Schafer explains, our influence on residents is not going to come from our audience size but our relationship and how well our audience knows us.

“Content’s role in this new human digital culture is to provide the opportunities-the consistent provocations-to ignite those relational sparks”. (pg103) So how do we establish a relationship with our target? Through our content we need to convey a sense of understanding and caring. To be open to customer feedback and let the residents know we want to help them. According to the book, the goal of marketing is to take those intimate moments and then influence into buying behavior. In our case the goal is to ignite a close bond then take that trust and gear it towards alert system subscriptions. Social media users follow brands that they trust. HCC needs to further develop itself as a brand. They need to build a reputation, whether it’s good or bad because as of now, HCC doesn’t have either reputation. When a brand is well established on social media, people are twice as more likely to make buyer purchases. When HCC develops an alpha audience, those customers will go beyond the buyer behavior and at like advocates that will build and promote the brand.

  • Emma Gould



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