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Follower Frenzy

“Bottom Line: There were no discernible business benefits from a superstar igniting my content.” A harsh reality, but a great lesson shared by Mark Schaefer in chapter six of The Content Code. ‘The downside of viral’ section really stood out to me in this chapter mainly because if I was creating a blog or trying to get a business of mine off the ground, I would think a share from a ‘business superstar’ would help jumpstart my success. Schaefer explains how this is not the case. While your success might dramatically rise after the special share, it is more than likely that the followers or viewers you gained from it will quickly disappear. “There was no lasting impact from that traffic spike.” Its important to realize that the people involved in the traffic spike are not necessarily interested in the content you are putting out but the content that the ‘business superstar’ is putting out. In other words, unless this person is constantly sharing your content, it is unlikely that their followers will become or remain your followers.

Another idea Schaefer explains that relates to the false-expectations from celebrity shares is confusing audience size with influence. Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean that they are actually influencing those who follow them. That being said, there is a huge difference between a celebrity share and a celebrity endorser. Celebrity endorsements can help your business grow. By getting a celebrity endorser you are essentially borrowing the followers that celebrity already has, which is what this whole chapter is about. However, that comes at a cost in more ways than one. Celebrity endorsements are usually not free and you are also relying on that celebrity to behave in a way that positively represents your company. While it would be nice for celebrity shares to be as successful as celebrity endorsements, it unfortunately does not work that way.


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