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May I Borrow That Please?

Let’s face it, we can’t do it all on our own. Sometimes it’s okay to borrow trust. This is the concept explained in chapter 6. Influence marketing is a way to find trusted sources to share your content, thus creating more attention and buzz. To be honest, us as college students who haven’t done many tremendous or noteworthy things with our lives yet, we don’t have a lot of credibility.

Schaefer talks about the Niche Influencer. These people/organizations are “powerful, self-made industry leaders consistently creating new content to establish their authority and expertise” (131). In my summer internship I tried using these influencers a lot. I had to constantly listen and monitor what my niche influencers were saying. Some of these were The Gates Foundation, The World Bank –Health, Girls Globe, and the United Nations. I was shocked at how much content these organizations post daily. Most of them are factual statements or statistics about global health issues around the world, or promotion of a summit or meeting coming up. I had to tailor my content for my client to match that of the niche influencer so I could be a part of the conversation. I also favorited some of their tweets and tagged key audiences in hopes of a favorite or a retweet of my tweets. Although I never got it, I could imagine how that would launch my posts and make me seem more credible and worth paying attention to.

I enjoyed reading the section about the benefits of borrowed trust and how it can lead to authentic advocacy. Schaefer states that, “If you can establish a long term connection with an influencer that results in a strong relationship and true advocacy, there is probably no other more effective way to ignite your content” (133). I also thought the example with the fiesta Ford car and how the company gave people the keys and had them blog and post about their experiences to gain promotion. This campaign skyrocketed and gave Ford fiesta a lot of recognition and car purchases.

These techniques are imperative for igniting content, and should definitely be utilized. Lastly, was anyone else shocked to read that Kim Kardashian will promote your content for $200,000 per tweet! Whoa. (Google Images) (Google Images)


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