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No time to build? Borrow instead!

Borrowing credibility is an excellent way to build a following, but as Schaefer explains in this week’s chapter, there are some obstacles you might encounter.  You’re about to launch your new blog but don’t have time to build an alpha audience.  So what do you do in a situation like this? Borrow trust through influence marketing. Anyone can be an influencer in today’s age.  Long gone are the days when only movie stars and sports celebrities endorsed products.  Companies are tapping into the new influencers of the technology age: the webstars.  These youtubers, instagrammers, viners, and bloggers have enormous power when it comes to influencing their millions of loyal followers.  You’ll probably have a much better chance of accessing these influencers than those from Hollywood such a Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift.  Not only are they uber expensive but author Mark Schaefer knows from personal experience that the tactic doesn’t always work: “Bottom line: There were no discernible business benefits from a superstar igniting my content”.  Even worse, once you have forked out all that money for an endorsement, the celeb could have a scandal such a Tiger Woods did, costing his sponsors millions.

With all these obstacles, how does a marketer borrow credibility successfully? Schaefer makes some excellent points through a case study about help-desk software company, Groove.  There are 5 ways to build your audience by borrowing the audience of others. 1.  Build the influencer list: which leaders would get the most value from the content or service? 2.  Forge relationships: By tweeting, commenting, sharing and emailing with influencers, you can establish a bond.  3. The ask: Ask for help rather than a favor such as a request for feedback. 4. The ask (part 2): Ask them to help promote the finished product. 5. Results! Because Groove took the time and effort to create mutually beneficial relationships with their influencers, these people became true advocates for the brand and helped to establish its credibility.


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