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In Chapter 6: Borrowing Trust, Mark Schaefer goes on to explain the next phase in completing the Alpha Audience development. Being a start up company makes it difficult to create an “alpha audience” due to the mass amount of competition, Schaefer says the goal is to “focus on a strategy that can provide rapid, repeatable, and sustainable benefits.”

What exactly are the different ways to borrow trust and what are the benefits? Is what I thought to myself. But as always, Mr. Schaefer goes on to prove it is real and it does work. It’s important to find the right advocates, and to create a strong, long term connection with them in order to reach the full potential. One key strategy that stood out to me (out of the many) was to use those advocates and spread awareness. I see this happening all the time in the marketing business world and though it is stated over and over again, he explains it on a broader scale. The most successful way to create awareness is through multiple, various social media outlets.

He uses Ford as an example. Ford launched a social media “Fiesta Movement” for their new fiesta brand. The agents then completed challenges every month by posting about their experience through blogs and YouTube videos. The campaign was extremely successful because it reached a wide
range of viewers in a new generation, which helped them reach 6.2 million YouTube viewers, 40 million twitter impressions and more.

Our generation is addicted and keyed into social media. It is the perfect way to spread awareness to people our age, in result influencing us to notice the brand or company. On top of this, I think that celebrity influencers should be all companies’ top priority. Using them to promote a product is so successful in this day in age. Just as he used Kim Kardashian as an example, I hate to hop on the band wagon but if she is promoting a certain fashion brand or type of make up I usually find myself at the store trying to find it.

There are many different ways to market the large audience, any of these strategies seem to be successful as long as the outcome is rapid, repeatable, sustainable benefits.


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