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Trust is a Must!

Since there is so much being shared every day through social media outlets, how can we know that content is getting in the right hands? I enjoyed reading about how trust goes hand in hand with the world of advertising, public relations, and marketing. I like how this chapter narrowed in on strategies to reach mass audiences in non conventional ways. Using Influence Marketing, people can find online personalities and experts to advocate that your content is real. This chapter also discussed the downside of going viral. I totally can relate to this idea and I have seen this happen many times to my friends. You dream of having your content shared by someone famous but after that 3 seconds of fame, what is being offered for them to stick around? “There was no discernible business benefits from a superstar igniting my content.” (Pg # 129) I never thought about how important it is to keep that lasting relationship, even on a funny blog post.

I also have never heard of authentic advocacy before but its something that caught my attention and how they used the Chobani example. Authentic advocacy is all about establishing connections with influencers that result in a strong relationship with them and your message. Chobani has that power that can reach out to people they know will love their product and will share that product with the people who matter. In my opinion I think they do a great job as well. I never see any annoying gimmicky ways that they try to grab peoples attention. I just see great simple advertisements that are enough to get the best amount of authentic customers. If I were to have a product one day I think one of the best ways to market it would be to access it on new channels. I like how the chapter touched on this because I feel it is something that is important. Its all about building a company rapidly on different platforms such as Vine and Snapchat. Although these outlets are not intending to sell something, its still a great way of exposure, especially to the younger demographic.



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