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Your Niche Influencer is your best friend!

“ Influencers are powerful, self-made industry leaders consistently creating content to establish their authority and expertise.” (pg131) This week’s chapter reminded me of one of my past internship with a fashion PR firm. The client Betty Boop was looking to invest in their publicity over social media. While the budget was 100,000 dollars, we were torn whether to target one big celebrity like Kim Kardashian, and pay her for one tweet or to spread the money out and try and get the most publicity for the least about of money. In the end we targeted the niche Influencer. We would pitch the client to local fashion bloggers in New York City. That was usually bloggers who were concentrated on street fashion and everyday wear, with high followings over 10K. They would post Instagram pictures of themselves wearing Betty Boop apparel and tagging both your brand and the client’s. This aloud us to form relationships with the bloggers and reach a wider audience at the same time. Even though we paid them to promote Betty Boop, we developed such a strong relationship that they would promote our other clients for free.

Relating it back to our campaign, one tactic use is to target local weathermen in the Hillsborough County. Free publicity is the most effective way to drive sales. Weathermen and women are very trusted by residents and usually have a large following on social media. Since we are a low budget campaign it would be cheap and would borrow a larger audience to outreach to. We need to think of influence over the number of followers. Weathermen are professionals, for them to promote a weather alert system is appropriate and will drive more impressions to the HC website and obtain more subscriptions. Pitching our campaign to local influencers will provide us rapid, repeatable, and sustainable benefits.

  • Emma Gould



One comment on “Your Niche Influencer is your best friend!

  1. ishamclennan
    October 20, 2015

    I think it is really awesome that you got to work in the fashion PR industry. In my opinion, it was the right decision your team made to focus on the niche marketing instead of the celebrity promotion, although that was tempting with the $100,000 from the budget. Seems like you already knew what to do without reading this chapter!

    Good ideas presented about free promotions from influencers you create a good relationship with. I think the tactic to target local weathermen in the Hillsborough County is a good idea for your campaign. This could generate a lot of coverage as well as borrowed credibility. I hope this is successful for your team.

    Good Job,


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