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Be who? Be you!

“A Like for a like.” That’s all you here these days whether it regarding Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Friends promising, and often even expecting, one another to ‘like’ there posts for a like in return. Just this summer a friend of mine told me, “I throw all my friends a ‘like’ even if I don’t actually like what they posted.” If you ask me, it’s kind of ridiculous. However, I absolutely love the theories in Chapter seven such as James Altucher who states, “I don’t think I spoke to a single person who believed in setting personal goals, but 100 percent of the people I spoke to wanted to solve a problem for the many.” A more organic approach to content creation and building an Alpha Audience intrigues me far more than promising to like someone’s content if they like mine back.

In this chapter of The Content Code, Mark Schaeffer says, “Through your content you not only show what you sell, but who you are.” In an earlier chapter, he had mentioned the idea of putting your own personality into your content. Whenever I hear an idea as such, my mind automatically assumes humor and wit, but I think a large part of showing who you are is revealing your honesty and humanity.   Schaeffer mentions Gary Vaynerchuck, the founder of VaynerMedia, a company I actually interviewed with this past summer for an internship. I became interested in this company because of the outlandish yet obvious methods Vaynerchuck uses, such as his ‘jab, jab, jab, right hook’ method. On Vaynerchuck’s YouTube channel, where he puts out hundreds of videos answering people’s questions, he has a clip telling you why you should follow his channel. In the video he says, “I’m just going to give as much as I can on this channel and then eventually, one day, somehow, you might owe me a favor.” That idea is so much more brilliant than the meaningless promise ‘a like of a like.’


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