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Are You Who You Are?

“Everything you say online—and everything you don’t say—contributes to the story about you that plays in people’s heads” (144). This to me is the most important quote in chapter 7 of the Content Code. It is imperative that we know the messages and the brand we are building for ourselves online. This section talks about Chris Brogan and his heroic brand.

Brogan explains to us that he is exactly who he is whether you talk with him online, offline, or in person. He believes that an “integrated (and true to life) persona is vital” (144). He secondly believes that connecting with others and serving them is one of the most important parts of branding. I agree with him when he says the brand is not always about you, it is about how others experience you. He works hard to connect and respond and show people he is just like them for the most part. This is instead of having the robotic presence for your brand. It’s okay to be human-like, which I think many companies forget. Lastly, we must make our information portable enough that others can make it their own mainly by simplifying. He states, “to be simple is to be more open and honest” (145).

The reason this part of chapter 7 resonated with me was that I believe people think it is okay to lie and be something they are not on social media. In terms of PR and reputation, this is not beneficial what so ever. Many people don’t understand what the basis of this is about; having allies not fans. I think it is sometimes hard to make huge corporations relatable on a human-like level.

The chapter then goes into reciprocity. It is very easy to return the favor and “like, retweet, favorite or share” someone else’s content. Just simply click a button. For my Unheard Voices of Tampa Bay page the Metropolitan Ministries favorited one of my tweets and I actually gained about 5 followers since then. I in return went to like their content on their page because I truly believe they strive for the greater-good for the children of Tampa. Looking at their brand and proof of community involvement, I do not have to question their motives or credibility. Now, we are both supporting each others messages and they watch my content more closely. Before building my page and presence, I didn’t even know what this organization was. So with that in mind, I will leave you with a quote from the chapter, “When you build those relationships and when you share, promote, and comment on other people’s work in a way that ads genuine value, then your presence will be known and appreciated and the sharing will be reciprocated”

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One comment on “Are You Who You Are?

  1. laracovell
    November 30, 2015

    I totally agree that the person you are should be constant on all platforms where yourself is represented. I also like that you talked about being real and not so robotic in your brand. I as well feel that companies are so focused on the brand literally instead of being transparent and human-like in their nature.

    I also think that people pretend to be something they are not on social media because they feel it is the only chance they can create another persona. This is not good at all because that just sets the stage for a bad PR reputation. I think people also falsely like other companies pages for a like for a like attitude when in reality they might not even support the claims made. I am guilty at this though because whenever someone in my sorority needs to boost their likes or shares on social media I always do it whether I read their articles or not because I am doing them a favor.


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