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Give and Receive!

This week’s chapter focused on the development of building your heroic brand. One of the most important aspects described in the chapter was the concept of returning the favor. Personally when I’m on social media, I typically won’t like or favorite someone’s posts if I know that they don’t reciprocate me. I believe the notion “to be more effective at promoting your content, you need to be effective at promoting other people’s content,” ties into what Heather taught us about starting conversations online. Especially for our campaign, HC government isn’t going to go anywhere with there social media if we don’t start the conversations and get residents talking. The strategies section of our textbook talks about how important customer service is. Gary Vaynerchuk is effective at this with his concept of “give, give, give, and then ask.” Using twitter would be a good way to give back to our audience- doing small favors like likes or retweeting their tweets.

Schaefer explains that the best companies are pushing hard to humanize themselves because people want to be treated like people and not targets. Looking at the steps toward becoming a heroic brand the most import to our campaign and me is to become a servant leader and to market us. We need to know our audience, where they are, what we can offer they, and how we can offer them (158). Having HC as a client is the perfect brand to focus on facts and not brags. We have the opportunity to market them as a brand that deeply cares for the safety of its residents. Targeting emotion is the best way to hit an audience. Sharing not only the stories of residents but also the stories happening to HC, as a brand is a good way to compel our audience while demonstrating our expertise.

-Emma Gould



One comment on “Give and Receive!

  1. ishamclennan
    October 27, 2015


    For someone who doesn’t like the book, you really have some insightful ideas! First I like how you tied the post to our campaign with the HC alert system. You are right it is all about truthful information being spread, not about brags. We talked a lot in class about this not being the most “sexy” topic, but I disagree. I think it is extremely important in implementing the safety of the people in this area. I have an alert system in MD and I am attentive to the messages.

    I agree that we have such a great opportunity to brand them as caring for the people’s safety of Hillsborough County. Great section pulled from the text stating: We need to know our audience, where they are, what we can offer they, and how we can offer them. I will consider this more after reading your blog. Great job.

    Isha M.


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