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If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

facebook likeIn Chapter 7 Mark Schaefer refers back to his example regarding Chris Brogan, discussed throughout Chapter 1. Chris Brogan has a Heroic Brand, which is a personal brand that is so powerful that it almost doesn’t matter what content he creates, people will still share it.

How do you begin to create such a successful Heroic Brand? Regardless of the many points that Brogan made, one stood out to me specifically. Although, I agree with working hard to connect, respond and show the audience you can relate to them and connecting with people to make the information so portable they can use it themselves, those to me weren’t the most important.

“To be more effective at promoting your content, you first need to become more effective at promoting other people’s content” said Internet strategist Carol Lynn Rivera. In todays age this could not be more true! The Internet is a relationship economy, we feed off favors, compliments, shares, and likes from others. The phrase “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” is extremely true in regards to the online, virtual world.

Just as Mark says in the book, we coexist on small favors. If someone likes our photo, we tend to return the favor and like his or hers back. I find myself relating to this every day on social media outlets such as instagram and Facebook. Personally, If someone likes my pictures on Instagram that I follow back, I almost feel obligated to like the next picture that they post to their page. It shows mutual respect without saying a word. If you comment on my picture, I’ll comment on yours. If you like my photo I’ll like yours. It is an unspoken obligation in todays society that is very, very powerful.

The phrase as said by Schaefer, “social transmission is reciprocity.” Our world Is built on a foundation of favors, and repaying the debt. Yet, it works and it is genius. That is how news spreads, people talk and more people will share.


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