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This is Getting Personal

When people post their content, others don’t care that much on what they’re reading, but who is the person behind the computer. I know thats mostly the case for me and my friends; we mostly share each others work because I trust and like the people writing it. One of my favorite points in this chapter is how they relate your personal heroic brand to reciprocity and the obligation to return favors. “Indeed whatever power structure exists on the social web, it’s often built on a foundation of subtle indebtedness, an ability to create influence through an economy of favors.” (Pg 145) I personally agree with this and I see it all the time. In my sororities Facebook group girls are constantly posting things to help out their families business, or share information about a charity they support, etc. Tom Webster, vice president of Edison Research says that this liking back and fourth is easily done because it is something that takes such little effort.

Although this concept of reciprocity works and is popular on the web, it may or may not create long-term leverage. The chapter mentions a connection to our favorite people on Youtube or Pinterest and how we relate to them and what they are putting online. “The ability to publish anything, anywhere, anytime, for all the world to see is a valuable opportunity to establish connection with your audiences in an intimate way, in a truly heroic way.” (Pg. 148) I definitely feel that having connections with people will always rein successful. I got my first job in retail solely based on my personality. I had little to no experience in the field but the manager liked our conversation and how outgoing I was. I think establishing congruity is one of the most important steps toward creating a heroic brand.

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One comment on “This is Getting Personal

  1. ishamclennan
    October 27, 2015


    I also felt like being who you are on social media was one of the main points to pull from this chapter. I see all the time people putting up the front on social media, when in fact you know the real them in person. It automatically makes me see them as fake, unreliable, hypocritical and unauthentic. When you said that that you mostly share each others work because you can trust them, I agree that I do this as well. I think it is because we know these people, and we can relate to them personally. We already know that what they post about is truthful.

    I liked your personal connection when you talked about getting your job in retail based off of your personality because you were not necessarily qualified for the job. That is pretty amazing and it was solely based off of the connection you made with the manager. I am going to remember what you said here: “I feel that having connections with people will always rein successful.” This is very true and it happens time and time again. Great post.

    Isha M.


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