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Distribution Debut

The struggle is hard enough to produce our content, but finding new audiences to view it may be a little more hard. Chapter 8 narrows in on distribution and how it is often overlooked. “What I quickly realized is that by taking quality content and making it work for another platform- and a relevant new audience- I was driving attention back to my home site and content” ( Pg 164) This made me think of famous advertising campaigns that I see re pop-up sometimes on TV or sometimes billboards. I like how the chapter talks about recreating your content to appeal to audiences you usually wouldn’t cater too, because they too might want to look into what your writing about. It is also interesting how the chapter discusses social organizations and how companies strive to establish one. “If you have 20 interested employees, thats 20 potential networks you can tap into if they’re willing to volunteer to help” (Pg 166) I never realized how simple and useful it could be to ask a co-worker to help spread my content on their social media sites.

I think some advertisements I see on TV are so broad in terms of the content;There should be so much more information provided in a way that showcases more of what the brand is. The chapter brought up an interesting technique called brandscaping. This talks about when companies feature icons from other companies such as Geico and the PIllsbury Doughboy. Those famous icons have such a huge following and make the brand appealing to so many people so it makes sense that brandscaping is something companies are taping more into today. I also liked how they touched on paid media and how effective it really is. I personally think there are other ways to spread your content that are not as costly but methods such as PPC, search PPC, and content PPC have proven to work.




One comment on “Distribution Debut

  1. ishamclennan
    November 3, 2015


    I totally agree with your point about some advertisements on TV being so broad in terms of the content;and that there should be so much more information provided in a way that showcases more of what the brand is. Sometimes I find myself lost in confusion on what they are actually trying to sell. Some ads are just too abstract.

    To your point about brandscaping. I had never even heard of this before reading this chapter. The utilization of brands that are already huge and reputable would be a great idea in getting attention to your content. I think brands should really be utilizing this and maybe forming partnerships instead of so much nasty competition.

    Good insights,
    Isha M.


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