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Doesn’t add up!

Ok, I’m confused. Mark Schaefer talks about distribution as one of the most overlooked components of the Content Code and then goes on to tell a story of how Mitch Joel started writing for third party sites to attract a new audience back to his own site. However a few chapters back Mark discussed that one of his blog posts was retweeted by a well respected business man with a ton of followers, and only a few people actually visited his site. Isn’t that the same thing as earned media? Just because you write for another niche or audience can’t guarantee that people will follow your work. While I believe it’s important to distribute content, I believe it’s more important to focus on what sort of content will be shared by your audience.

Moving forward, I do agree with Mark’s idea of utilizing employee networks and I believe it’s a top goal for our campaign. Since HC government has such a low reputation present online, the best way to create one is to use the many people that work there. One of our best tactics was to create a social media competition amongst the colleagues to see who could spread the most word, with the incentive of extra vacation days. It is also the way to geographically find our target audience. These people live and work in the area therefore their social media friends probably live in the area as well.

Another tactic we overlooked was the idea of brandscaping. While we developed the idea of incorporating sponsorships into our campaign like using the Lightning, it might be easier to work off relationships that are already developed. HC government has partnered with the Red Cross, and Humane Society- two well followed brands that have a unique targeted niche. Incorporating their logos into campaigns promotions could benefit us as well as them.

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One comment on “Doesn’t add up!

  1. christinaperrino
    November 4, 2015

    I have to agree with Emma here. Not that I think Mark exactly contradicts himself, but much of what he says in the past didn’t add up in this chapter. He used to say that connecting to a random audience through others didn’t keep that audience, just drew attention to his site for a short period of time. Now, this is a strategy that he is elaborating on in a positive way? Not sure if I can agree with all of his ideas.

    To move on, like Emma I did agree with utilizing employee networks. As she said we are using this in our campaign in order to see where people live, and work and how we can use them in our advantage when it comes to social media.


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