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Just Email Me Your Content

Chapter 8’s point about distribution being key really resonated with me. Schaefer states that, “this type of earned media—validation by powerful third party sites—is the most important and effective method to market your content, attract relevant new audience members, and build credibility as a content creator.

In my past internship I often found it so daunting trying to create content to be distributed over many channels. It was literally get in the office at 8am. make 25 tweets within the hour to be sent out. It was so hard to come up with fresh and creative ideas everyday. I was often tweeting about really gruesome and saddening topics as well so I found myself wanting to cry rather than write the tweets. One of the subsections in this chapter says to plan for multi-channel content. Discovering where your readers are and their background is important and may have a connection to the views and shares you receive.

It was shocking to read that email is still the preferred method of communicating and sharing information. I always thought email was a little played out and too formal. You are not going to write an email how you would write a short and quick tweet. I feel like personally my 3 emails get to be really cluttered to where I don’t know what’s important to read from what is not. Most of my received emails are promotion and advertising based. I would like to know more about why people still prefer email.

I liked page 168 with the list of other outlets to use. Some of them I have never even heard of like: Quora, StumbleUpon, and Quibb. The others, I would not have thought to put content on such as: LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. Maybe I will consider these channels in the future.


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