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Nudge your way to the top!


In Chapter 8: Distribution, Advertising, Promotion and SEO, Mark Schaefer digs deeper into the competitive world of content. He focuses on how we can “nudge” our way to the top, and how we can properly distribute our content to target a different audience. What I found interesting and useful was how Mitch Joel, president of Miru
m digital marketing firm, found his new outlets.

The way to find new outlets is to explore the options, then use them! Don’t stick to the one you are “comfortable” with because
it is usually only hitting the same people. He went beyond his common blog and social channels and branched out to magazines and books. Using these channels reached a whole new platform, and that platform then brought light back to his original site and content. This was extremely successful for Mr. Joel, gaining him astounding followers. “Where would one even begin” is what I thought to myself. How do I find these different platforms and step out of the comfort zone your most used to?

Platforms that I didn’t even think were possible to use were given as an example. For my generation I could actually see myself using these, which would make it a lot easier to share content that I love and am interested in. Under the “mastering new platforms” Mark describes options that I have been overlooking such as Pinterest and StumbleUpon. These are both outlets that I happen to use on the daily, but never considered using it to spread content to an audience. Pinterest is used by so many females of all ages with every topic possible, using this would draw attention to what I am interested in, then resulting in them getting to “know me better.” In result, leading them back to my original home site and content, enabling me more followers of a different audience.

There are so many different ways to “nudge” your way to the top of the content competition. It’s helpful to think outside the box, or have Mark Schaefer do it for you!


One comment on “Nudge your way to the top!

  1. Erin.Reilly
    November 3, 2015

    I agree with Christina and this chapter that sites like Pinterest and Stumble Upon are great ways to expand your social media usage and reach different audiences. I feel most comfortable using Instagram for personal everyday use and Facebook to promote events and share articles. However, I didn’t take into consideration the usefulness or Pinterest specifically. I use Pinterest every single day, but for some reason I don’t usually considerate it a social media site that would be a successful for content distribution. Based on this post I’ve realized how wrong I am. Pinterest is a great way to express your own personal character, which Schaefer has mentioned the importance of multiple times throughout the book. Also, if you use the site correctly it is a great place to easily place you’re content in specific categories, making it easy for people to find you and your content as well as exactly what they’re looking for. Overall, I agree that looking into different social media platforms is extremely important. Without understanding each one you might be missing the opportunity to reach a large portion of your target audience.


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