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Rise past the competition

In Chapter 8: Distribution, Advertising, Promotion and SEO, Mark Schaefer discusses more ways that brands can rise past the competition.  He explains how distributing your content through multiple channels can generate enormous success and attract new audiences.  I found it interesting that Mitch Joel, president of Mirum, transformed his content efforts through this method.  Mitch was struggling with content shock and wasn’t reaching as many new people as he wanted.  “What I quickly realized was that by taking quality content and making it work for another platform- and relevant new audience-I was driving attention back to my home site and content, and ultimately the work that we are doing at our agency.”  Mitch discovered that through distribution on more than just the traditional platforms, he could really ignite his content and bring in new target audiences.

During my internship that I completed over the summer, I learned how first hand how distribution over multiple channels was key to attracting new audiences.  When I would write a blog post for Nixx Media, not only would we post it to the blog section of the company website but we would also post it to Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.  By distributing the content over these platforms, we were able to boost our numbers on Google Analytics.

I also found it interesting that there were platforms that I had never heard of before, as I thought I had heard of them all.  Platforms such as Quora and Quibb might be overlooked because they are new on the marketing scene.  However, because these platforms are a less-crowded niche, they can be valuable distribution tools to break through the content shock.  By discovering and mastering new platforms, you can stay one step ahead of the game and really ignite your content.  Next time I am trying to distribute my content, I will definitely keep emerging platforms in mind.

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One comment on “Rise past the competition

  1. ishamclennan
    November 10, 2015


    I like your insights for this post. I pretty much wrote about exactly the same thing. I am happy to hear that we both got social media distribution experience through our internships. Google analytics was amazing to look at after seeing the interaction with the same post on each site.

    I had also never heard about platforms such as Quora and Quibb and indeed they might be overlooked because they are new on the marketing scene. I would also like to try these out!

    Good ideas,

    Isha M


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