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The Power of Social Media


Social Signals and Social Proof Mark Schaefer goes into detail about just how important social media popularity truly is. As much as we may hate to admit it, we all care about how we appear to others on the outside. We call this social proof, it’s the fact that we take into consideration what others use or do as a shortcut into our real-world decision-making everyday.

“Things seem easier to buy when others validate that it’s a smart option” said Mark Schaefer. I loved his example that he related back to going to a restaurant. If I walk into a restaurant that is empty, I almost 100% of the time leave and find a new place to eat that may be more crowded and lively. This directly reflects back to social media, If I see that a tweet is tweeted 100 times I’m more likely to read that compared to one that is retweeted 5 times.

“We care about Twitter followers and Facebook likes disproportionately not because of the power of the medium, but because we keep score in public.” Said Baer. The power of social media popularity is important, but it’s more important what you do with that power. How do get to the point of using that “social media power”? Some strategies that I found the most useful were taking advantage of LinkedIn request endorsements. Being a twenty one year old looking for a job, LinkedIn is very important to me and most other students. I find it very important to get my name out there into the public so I take endorsements very seriously, If others can see and view my skills, I want them to! Asking for recommendations and getting my name known is a great way to use and create that power.

I really enjoyed the examples that were used in this chapter; I found all of them very relatable to my life today and as much as we hate to admit it, social media is starting to take over the world. Use that power and embrace it!


2 comments on “The Power of Social Media

  1. Erin.Reilly
    November 9, 2015

    I totally agree that social proof plays a large role in peoples decision making process. Nine out of ten times I am a culprit of social proof. In the rare instance that I purchase something online I read every review, see how many stars the product received and even check other websites to see if the reviews are good. Schaefer explains that we care what people think of our decisions on social platforms because it’s open to the public. Since a person’s decision becomes so public when it’s made on a social platform, the individual feels obligated to choose the ‘right’ option. I think the public is aware that those who comment on or rate products aren’t trying to sell us anything; they are simply saying they liked this product or service and it worked for them. Since we have so many options of brands, it is hard for us, as a public, to trust the company completely and take their word that they are the best.


  2. ishamclennan
    November 10, 2015

    I think it is insane how much people care about views and popularity on social media. In all fairness, it’s not reality. Why should we let other people judge us based on a post, maybe that’s not even who we really are. I agree with you when you say: As much as we may hate to admit it, we all care about how we appear to others on the outside.

    I unfortunately do this too. I want the most likes so I will post things that I think others will like, or I only post photos to IG that I think I look the best in.

    Do you think this dynamic to social media will ever change?

    Isha M.


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