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Bop to the top!

When you think about how many times you Google search in a day its mind blowing at how many results pop up. I never really put much thought into why certain things were the top hit and others were at the bottom. “The most important content did not rise to the top. The most important websites did.” (Pg. 204) I like how the chapter talks about new environments cause for changes in behavior. When you have new people in the workplace there will competition within the sphere of influence. As for page authority and authentication I feel that when I search something random links come up as well. I think Google wants to put links to things that are similar in nature to the topic searched but the content I see isn’t also so legitimate.

I think its good that the alpha audience is mentioned again throughout this chapter because having a strong audience is something that should be of importance. Schaefer also talks about family and friends taking about your popular blogs and what not because blogs are everything for a new business. I am an avid watcher of Shark Tank and I constantly look up the products on Google when they air on TV. Blogs usually pop up first for the products that are new to the market. I notice that they’re usually filtered through popularity of the sites. I personal don’t like that the book talks so much about being one of the top hits because that takes a lot of work to get to that point. I think that something like LinkedIn, which the book mentions as something high on the search list is popular for its components that apply to a wide audience. LinkedIn applies for people looking for jobs, building connections, and people of all ages.20038437-The-characters-rise-to-the-top-in-professional-life--Stock-Photo.jpg


One comment on “Bop to the top!

  1. Erin.Reilly
    November 17, 2015

    I agree with Lara that I don’t always find the best or most trustworth sites when I conduct a Google search. However, I always seem to find the answers I’m looking for. The frustration from that, for me, is because I don’t necessarily understand Google’s SEO and it seems like Schaefer doesn’t even have definite answers. The tips Schaefer shares to gain authority definitely make sense though.

    Three tips mentioned in The Content Code stuck out to me the most. First was the idea of spam, which explains that if you have multiple domains that link to each other, Google views this as spam. By Google labeling your site at spam this will make it hard to gain any authority. Closely connected to spam is the idea of link diversity. According to Schaefer, “it’s better to have a smaller number of links from a wider array of valuable sites than it is to have a large number of incoming links from a handful of sites.” The reason I mention it is closely related to spam is because spam sites may give you a high number of visits but they hold no credibility. While it would be nice to be seen as a site that gets a lot of views, make sure they are views from respectable sources. Lastly, Schaefer comments on page value. He expresses that its important to determine how important each page of your content is. I can completely relate to this tip. I really enjoy reading through peoples blogs and getting their opinion on things, but often times ill be reading and with each page the content become worse and worse. It’s almost like having to write a paper for class that has a minimum of 10 pages but you only have information for 5, so you ramble just to hit the page count.

    Overall, I agree with Schaefer that no one completely understands how to gain authority. Google has a very complicated way of deciding what websites will be classified as authority websites, but by following Schaefer’s tips I think we’re one step closer to authority.


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