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Taking Authority

In Chapter Nine Mark explains the power of website authority and how to attain it. Unfortunately, it is the most out of our control. In order to get your content to the top, Google is the “master” of every relationship and is looking for credibility within content.

Lee Odden, the CEO of TopRank Marketing explains that networking on the web is just like networking in the real world. “If you move into a new community and into a new job, a smart person is going to want to establish credibility within this new area or organization, this new sphere of influence. Otherwise they’ll never get anything done.” Odden goes on to say. It is important to seek out those who already have credibility in order to make a connection and possibly gain attention. That is just the credibility and relationship that Google is looking for within content. Using the strength of social media such as Google+, Google Mail, etc make it possible for Google to then factor in things such as links and social stream data associations. Your credibility will begin to follow you wherever you go.


I found it important that when you create constant content its important to build shareability that will increase authority by getting links that will provide credibility just by association. That is why it is important for any company that depends on Google search to have a blog. With every new entry in this blog it will increase the new visitors and links to the content, resulting in an overall authority. Well, that was a mouth full. But, in the broad scheme of things it all makes sense. I don’t like how everything is such a competition and how there is a rule (or strategy) to every possible thing, but I know it’s like that in an industry in the world. Why can’t all content just be successful! I’m just about over every “content code.”


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