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Ignite For a Like

This book ends with a quirky conclusion to all the fancy ways to ignite your content and make it noticed. A content transmission specialist Brian Lutz states “To remain visible on our consumers’ timelines, we evolved our content marketing strategy to create content that ‘catches fire,’ or ignites.” (Pg. 216) I like how this chapter talks about remaining interesting because I felt that throughout the chapter, Schaefer just talked about showing up on timelines, not maintaining the popularity. This chapter also discusses how important business plans are because the future has a lot to do with what people are creating right now. I relate this to social media and how much that has developed in just a few short years. Now there are full-time careers dedicated to social media consultants and analysts thats develop the social media platforms for huge corporations and even mom and pop type businesses.

“Undoubtedly, the pace of change is going to increase even more and           instead of looking at strategy planning and as obstacle you have to  overcome every year, I’d like you to think about your marketing and ignition strategy as a continuous process.” (Pg. 220)

I definitely agree that creating those types of plans are boring and at the time may seem useless but they really are beneficial for planning purposes. This chapter really opened up my eyes to so many more platforms that co-exist in the media world. About 70 percent of the content shared is happening on these “dark social channels” such as email and text messaging. Its funny because millennials are such a target group when in fact people can’t even really “target” us because a lot of our sharing is going on behind closed doors or through more peer-to-peer channels. I really enjoyed Schaefer’s unconventional ways of talking about content and how simple it is to ignite. He concludes with discussing how the future may be far more developed in their “shock” strategies. ignite-flame.jpg


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