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Human Storytelling

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“The lesson wannabe Cronks should take on board is that throughout his video-creating efforts, he has never sought to use the clips to directly promote his wines of the brand. They are all intended to be interesting in their own terms and often contain no direct reference to the brand at all. People who watch them are merely invited to visit the website if they want to know more.”

The quote above is from Chapter One of The Content Code, it is in reference to the Mirabeau en Provence winery created by Stephen Cronk. What I love about the quote and Cronks story is the realness that is apparent. He entered a market that was full of competition and eventually thrived because he had what other competitors didn’t, a marketing presence. Cronk reached out to viewers and told his honest story and humanized his entire business.

This is so interesting to me specifically because I like to feel connected to the brands I patronize. I enjoy feeling like I know the creator of a brand and why they are who they are. I believe that this tactic of humanizing a brand is important to public relations because it enables a brand to connect with publics/consumers on an even more personal level. Cronks documented his wine-making journey in an entertaining way, which makes viewers feel like they are a part of the process. Personally, I am more inclined to buy a product when the brand is transparent and the people behind the brand are on the front end.

The reason I posted the photo above that says “A Family Affair” is because the family in the photo is Stephen Cronks, owner and creator of Mirabeau En Provence Winery. This photo was on the front page of the website. Using a photo like that on his website makes me (and I’m sure other viewers) feel happy and feel that the company has good values, therefore, making viewers more likely to purchase the products.




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