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I Can Read

“If you’re going to speak to people, speak TO (or even better WITH) them. Don’t look at your slides, read your slides, and tell me what’s on your slides. I know how to read. Stop it. Okay?”

This quote is part of chapter one of the book The Content Code by Mark Schaefer. Schaefer quotes his friend Chris
Brogan’s 37 words post in its entirety to help us understand that presence it created for itself. The quote stood out because so many people in today’s society just go through the motions because they are consumed by the content that surrounds them.

“We were starved for content and stared with wonder at anything we could obtain through this new electronic conduit.” Today’s society can’t be compared to the society that I grew up in. I might only be 21 years old but growing up there was no Internet, no phones, no digital era. Today “nearly everyone with access to the Internet has joined the content creation party,” and that’s why Schaefer’s quote of Brogan stands out. Those who take in content (almost eversocial-media-and-marketingyone) and those who create content continually go through the motions of being consumers and the source of content.

In today’s society, we need individuals that aren’t afraid to push the fear away that they need to go “through the motions.”By doing so we can start “building a community,” as Marcela DeVivo states, that will allow us to move forward with the development and promotion of our content and ignite a whole new revolution.

Although Schaefer addressed a variety of issues, the most pressing concept was that of us following the motions. I have continually repeated it throughout my post, not as a rant, because I am very adamant about making society aware that following the motions when it comes to being the consumer and source will only take one so far.



2 comments on “I Can Read

  1. hcimon
    January 25, 2016

    I couldn’t agree with this more especially considering the fact that I just left a class where the professor strictly only read from the slides. It was painful and hard to retain. I would have loved some actual substance to the slide. It would have put it into context an made it much easier to understand. You do not excel by going through the motions.. you are so right. Everyone goes through the motions and lives their lives one way or another. The ones who stand out are the ones who broke that wall of norms.


  2. michellepaltan
    January 26, 2016

    I found it interesting how even the author didn’t fully understand what was so amazing about his blog post but it went viral. He simply just stated something that was very real and true to the human experience. Sometimes people are afraid that they aren’t using the right language or have the right caption but it’s just about making that a connection and involves the brand to be honest with their personality.


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