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Sell yourself, not the product.

It wasn’t until the very end of chapter one that I started to make connections between the content code and what I was already familiar with in previous experiences. The marketing strategies of Stephen Cronk tells the story of a man “who never sought to use the clips to directly promote the wines or the brand” (Schaefer, 23). Rather, he was just trying to gain media attention and loyal customers through selling himself through entertainment, story telling, and consumer engagement. Suddenly it dawned on me, this was not the first time I had heard of someone selling themselves as opposed to their product or services!

It all started with a pizza. When my dad was 17 years old he starting working at a pizzeria on Inman Ave in Colonia, New Jersey. After years of working at the pizzeria and hoping to create his own small business venture one day, he sought out some advice from the owner. The conversation went something like this:

“There’s 10 to 15 pizzerias in town, I just don’t understand why we remain the most successful?” -Jeff Fink

“Well Jeff we’re all out here selling the same thing. The same quality products for around the same price, but the difference is people come to our store and they feel appreciated. We form a bond, we build relationships with our customers. We make our customers feel important because we care about them.” -Nick Spatola, Pizzeria Owner


Not only did they offer exceptional customer service, but they sold themselves to their consumers. They’d host family holiday parties at the shop and invite their most loyal customers. They’d make sure to come out from the kitchen and converse with their customers about their jobs, their families and their struggles.

They took the time to form personal relationships with their patrons because they cared. It’s inherent that humans want to feel important or wanted in some capacity. That’s what the employees and management at the pizzeria did for their customers and it sure did pay off!

The bottom line is when your trying to sell a product or service to someone, your best tactic is to sell yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of products and markets out in the world to compete with, but at the end of the day there is only one you. It’s your stories, your personality, and your compassion that is going to make an impression on consumers and get them to buy into what your selling, over and over again.

Brand yourself, sell yourself.


Picture source:

Quote source: The Content Code by Mark W. Shaefer


One comment on “Sell yourself, not the product.

  1. michellepaltan
    January 26, 2016

    From working in the food industry for two years now, it is most definitely forming positive relationships that help your business succeed, with or without social media. Now that social media exists, it’s important to make sure those positive relationships are continued on the online world. Even if something goes wrong or an order is messed up, taking the time to assure the consumer that they will do what they can to make them happy is sometimes better than a picture perfect experience. It’s all about selling yourself and connecting with the community that works for your business.

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