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Why Am I Not the Next ‘Grumpy Cat’?

As soon as I started to read the introduction, (as good introductions are key to drawing the reader in), it was then that I realized my concerns even as a millennial in producing content were abundant on many professionals.  So much so that Mark Schaefer wrote this book to disprove the common myth that “content is king.”

As Schaefer explains that sharing content is “an astonishingly intimate experience, a precious symbol of trust and communication with out content that I had never considered before.”  Sharing content is more than just picking the right ‘time’ to post or hitting every new social media platform there is.  Schaefer makes the point that you must not just produce content but ignite it.

I believe that this point is the beginning of successful marketing and that it is the most hard part about getting somewhere with an organizations social media.  It must be meaningful and it must contain the ‘cocktail’ of ignition strategy, content, and audience.  Consumers know how to move past noise when they see it–I know this because I am a consumer and I’m probably more aware than the average one but I know a half-hearted post when I see one.

I am intrigued when I notice the difference between brands that know how to apply the correct cocktail and others who just push content on every site without engaging or igniting their content.  To be the next internet sensation is not the goal, and as Schaefer explains any 13 year old kid can achieve that.  It is more important to make your content accessible to the right audience and turning that accessibility into business success.

When working over the summer in an internship with a fine jewelry company, I learned what it really meant to market your own business and how much work it really takes.  Why does one post seem to generate more likes and comments rather than others that we think should be successful don’t?  How does a picture of an obese cat soar through all platforms that we try much more hard to be able for our posts to be successful?  I am excited to learn the answers to these questions and how to generate content that is worthy.

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Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

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