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Connecting With Customers

“Today, adults in the Western World consume content an average of 10 hours a day” (Schaefer 13). How is that even possible? That number seems so large and unreachable but that number has increased dramatically over the years.

While reading Chapter 1, I connected this large consumption of content to Facebook. Facebook was the first social media platform I ever joined. I was about to go into high school and I remember being so infatuated with chatting friends and viewing pictures.

Since then, Facebook has grown and changed. How I utilize Facebook has changed as well. I don’t simply go on Facebook anymore to instant message or check photos. Sometimes I use Facebook to read about news, read blog posts or to watch funny videos. One large difference between Facebook in 2011-12 to now is the increased amount of advertisements and business promotional pages.

Many small businesses utilize Facebook as a way to connect with their target audience but the book states that an average Facebook user can see nearly 2,000 stories in their daily newsfeed (15). How does a small business push through crazy amounts of content to connect with their audience?

According to Schaefer, small businesses do this in two ways: 1. Spend a lot of money on producing high-quality content that will hopefully reach their audience’s newsfeed, or 2. Pay Facebook money to boost their content.

As an intern for a lifestyle blog, I often run into this problem with our posts. Everyday, our content only reaches an average of 50-100 followers when we have over 30,000 followers on Facebook. In order for our followers to receive our content, my manager boosts posts. But this all comes at a price, a hefty one too if continued daily. It’s difficult to understand why our followers cannot view our content. But it sums down to the fact that there is so much content out there, not every post can be seen.

As I’ve thought this over, I’ve really noticed how Facebook has significantly changed into a place for news, articles, videos, business pages, promotional information, etc. I wonder if Facebook will ever go back to it’s original photo sharing and chatting days or if it will continue to spiral into a platform for quick news at a high price. At what price should small businesses really have to pay to connect to their consumers?

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