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Content is cool,but luck helps too.

After reading the  “Why content isn’t king” part in Chapter 1 of Mark Schaefers book ” The Content Code” ,it got me wondering about the deeper meaning of content. In this case Schaefer explains that writing great content online,might not lead to you be a successful blogger. He is trying to find the code to get your material to get shared,commented on and so on. To relate this problem to my life,  I will compare this to applying for jobs.

As a second-semester college senior, the job hunt has officially started. I’d like to believe that I’m a qualified applicant to many jobs in my field,however many employers might not see it that way. The job hunt and the content Schaefer talks about, is similar in this way. Just because I feel like I’m a great future employee, doesn’t mean I’m going to get hired. The process of getting a job,is so much more than just being qualified. For example: networking, the strength of other applicants, personality and so on. The list goes on and on. Same goes for getting your content popular online. The famous saying “you have to be in the right spot in the right time” applies for both  applying for jobs, as well as writing content online. If the right person sees your content and shares it, suddenly your big break might occur out of nowhere.

The code to be a successful in your job hunt or getting recognition for your online content is a mix of multiple factors. You have to have the qualifications, but at the same time you have to stand out from the crowd Even though it seems rather harsh to say that the success of a persons job hunt, or success as a blogger relies on luck, it’s a part of the code. To bring the matter in to full circle, content/talent is cool, but luck helps too.


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