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Life Consumed with Content

The first social media platform that was talked about in chapter one was Twitter. Twitter is my least favorite social media site. I don’t like that you only have a 140 characters, and that is probably because I am not creative enough to narrow my words. I also feel like whenever I am on Twitter, it is just people complaining about their lives, or making fun on something or someone.

The mention of AOL made me laugh, because I think my mother is the only person I know that still has an email account with them.

“By 2011 Americans were consuming more than eight hours of content per day” (Schaefer, 13) eight hours is already a high number, and I an curious to see how much that has increased in the last five years. I would imagine it has gone up considering how advanced the media world has become, and how according to Schaefer, studying Twitter could be a full time job.

I do agree that having more money will help you be more successful with getting your content out there for people to see. When you have the money for this then it attracts more clientele or viewers.

After reading about Stephen and his wine video I was intrigued, and wanted to know how to open up a bottle of wine with my shoe, so I watched the YouTube video. It was neat, and a smart way to attract people to his wine.” The book states that it was over 9 million viewers, when according to it now it has over 10 million views. I think YouTube videos for a business is a good thing, because I like seeing how personable the people in charge of a company are. I like that our client for class have a video of YouTube already, because it will help us by giving us a number of how many people have viewed the product.


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