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Miracles Can Happen

This first chapter was filled with daunting facts about the public relations world. Have we really hit a limit on content and how can we find new opportunities?

The Mirabeau miracle was a stand out story for me to read that inspired me to believe that in this public relations world that is constantly changing and growing, there is still hope for success. Stephen Cronk, the owner of the Mirabeau winery, had a fascinating story and personality that you can see in his videos and website, His huge Internet success came after a viral video of his strategy for opening wine with a shoe, but the media attention after this video applauded him on more than just that video.

They state that, “The lesson wannabe Cronks should take on board is that throughout his video-creating efforts, he has never sought to use the clips to directly promote his wines or the brand” (Shaefer, 24).

The feedback Stephen Cronk received leads me to believe that it isn’t just about the content, it’s about the person behind the content. Viewerslife is sharing and readers can see when you are just trying to sell a product or promote your company. We are bombarded with thousands of advertisements a day, so in consumers spare time they typically will not want to be overwhelmed by more advertisements and promotions.

Although I do think Cronk may have gotten lucky and experienced a “miracle” in our industry, I also think that his consistency and commitment to sharing his video postings played a role in his success after the viral video. His story is relatable and honest which helped him to build his brand, not just his winery.

After researching more about Mirabeau on their website, I found myself wondering if any local Tampa companies have an approach like this when building a brand. I could not think of one store where I knew the owner and I knew their story for why they opened their own business. Maybe if more companies took this approach on marketing by sharing their stories online, they would have more success with Internet views. It may not become as popular as Stephen Cronk’s nine million views, but may create a large buzz in our local community.


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